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  1. Same issue here 😞 Would love to know if anyone finds a workaround.
  2. Hi, Yes, but for some reason this only changes the Fade In....there is no fade out when the cursor leaves the image 😕
  3. Hi, I am using the css code below to add a hover fade effect on my images. However, the images fade out very quickly. Any idea if there is a line I can add to make it fade out slowly when the cursor is taken off the image? .image-block:hover { background-color: #00000; opacity: 0.6; transition: all .5s ease-in-out;} Thank you in advance 🙂
  4. Thank you very much for your help @tuanphan That works 🙂 The only minor issue is the padding down the middle of the thumbnails seems to be larger than everywhere else..but this is not a major issue...Let me know if there is a simple fix - otherwise thank you for all your help.
  5. Thanks @tuanphan, but it seems to have issues with spacing/scaling the thumbnails when transition to two per row. See attached screenshots
  6. Thanks so much @tuanphan! Now works perfect for mobile. Is it possible to make it also transitions to two thumbnails per row for tablet? Thank you 🙂
  7. Site URL: https://oddthing.co.nz/ Hi there, I'm looking for some help with the number of product thumbnails displayed per row on my store. I have created a product page which has three thumbnails per row. Currently the three thumbnails reduce to two thumbnails per row when viewed on mobile. When viewing on mobile, I would like this to change to one thumbnail per row & ideally two thumbnails per row for tablet. Is this achievable with custom css? Thanks for your help in advance! 🙂
  8. Hi there, I have two different types of products which I am currently selling. One of which is small and I am happy to send worldwide. However the other is a larger item and I only want the option to send locally. Is it possible to restrict where one particular product can be purchased? For example I have enabled the option to purchase in Australia. I do not want this australian user to be able to purchase 'The Long Light' online. However, I would like them to be able to purchase 'The Paper Filter Station' website - https://oddthing.co.nz/store Thank you for your help in advance! Henry
  9. I have a product in my online store which I do not want customers adding to their cart. I want them to enquire and then make payment. Is it possible to remove the 'Add to Cart' button for one product within the product page? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi there, I have uploaded a video from my Vimeo Plus account, which I assumed would playback in HD quality. The video is a text animation, so unfortunately it looks really bad at low res. As it is a banner video, squarespace only accepts the URL and not the embedded code of the video. Index page - Media - Video - URL Is there any code I can use to force playback HD always? Website: www.oddthing.co.nzPassword: oddthingltd Thank you!
  11. Hi there, My blog is https://hibiscus-oleander-hdfy.squarespace.com/ & my password is 'freelance'. I would like to make the navigation title on the right hand side 'About' red - to help this link stand out. What CSS should I insert to make the colour change for this title only? Thanks in advance,
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