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  1. What is happening here with this? Just tested my clients button which was set up to go to email, but instead goes to Google/gmail login???? https://www.google.com/intl/en-GB/gmail/about/# I am now wondering how much money we have wasted on advertising. Please help.
  2. Worked a dream! Thank you @tuanphan Love your work!
  3. Sorry @tuanphan I gave you the password to access all my squarespace, try a new one password: bubbles
  4. Oh damn... So sorry you had to ask, I'm a dunce. Password: l3tmeeein
  5. Site URL: https://oriole-fox-rana.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css Hi there, help please? I have managed to get my sub navigations to show up on mobile view, but I would like to rearrange the order in which they show up. I would like the "Commercial" and "Residential" to show above "Studio, Journal, Contact" Here is what's happening at the moment... Here is my code... @media (max-width: 799px){ .header-menu-nav-folder { transform: none; min-height: 100px !important; height: 50vw; } .header-menu-nav-folder { position: relative; transform: translateX(0); min-height: auto; } .header-menu-nav-folder a { font-size: 2rem; line-height: 1.5; } .header-menu-nav-folder[data-folder="root"] { position: relative; min-height: auto; order: 2; } .header-menu .header-menu-nav a[data-folder-id="/work"] { display: none; } .header-menu-controls-control[data-action="back"] { display: none; } } Thanks in advance :-)
  6. Thanks @tuanphan. I got it in my sight, but it takes up the whole page, actually the whole site. It also zooms in and out when mouse rolled over it. Maybe it is too complex? I would love for it to just be as a background in a section. Would you be willing to have a look? No big deal if not. https://gardenia-eagle-gjr9.squarespace.com/config/pages password: bubbles
  7. Thanks Elfsight, but that's not what I was after. I want to be able to play my homepage background banner video when viewing on mobile. I have come across a guy who sells a plugin, I found him on this forum (Andrew Moore - digital freelancer), but I wondered, since I pay for Elfsight, I would not have to pay someone else? No big deal if not. I might go ahead with his, just checking first.
  8. Can you please do this one... https://codepen.io/annanz/pen/poeaZWK I have tried and tried, but I see you work magic that I cannot. Do you know if it can be added as a section background? Cheers
  9. https://gardenia-eagle-gjr9.squarespace.com/config/pages password - bubbles accordion on 'what' page
  10. Hi there, I wondered if you had a plugin which will play vimeo video in banner background for mobile?


  11. Thanks @tuanphan but, I have tried the that Accordion Plugin, and because I am not an expert, I gave up due to not being able to style it the way I wanted it. I have now added it to my site (as above) just as a test run, but I don't know how to add the image that I want (cross.svg) and (crosscross.svg) also, I want the title to be h3 and centered. As for the Vimeo thing, I did ask them if they had a plugin which played video in background of mobile, but no answer yet. I will ask again through here (last time I asked through their site) Cheers
  12. Site URL: https://gardenia-eagle-gjr9.squarespace.com/config/pages Hi there, I'm wanting to have the '+' button (which is an imported image) rotate when clicked on. Here is an example site of what I mean... https://www.brandstolife.com.au/what-we-do/ password to my site is - bubbles And while we are at it... does anyone know if eflsight has a widget that will play vimeo background video on mobile? Or code for that? Cheers
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