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  1. We all know this problem. It is a big issue for a lot users but Squarespace have this feature in their development for sure. There is another way not free but not very expensive, a 4.99$ month cost, that can help you but nothing is complete free for now: https://driveuploader.com/
  2. There is another way but is not "elegant looking". It works using a Dropbox feature and it integrate directly on the form. Check this link: https://randomwhimsy.com/blog/using-squarespace-forms-with-dropbox-to-receive-uploaded-files I hope this help
  3. You should check https://www.squarewebsites.org/blog/squarespace-websites-uploader😉
  4. Hi, i want to know if there is a possibility to get the URL of the "Add to cart" from a product to use for other things, like a "Custom" Add to cart button that can change their URL. Thank you in advance.
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