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  1. I actually found the cause of the problem quite quickly. In an earlier effort to prevent text spilling outside the bounds of a re-shaped text box I'd set up, I used the CSS declaration 'contain: content;' applied to the section class '.content-wrapper'. This broke the editor for the section only. That's all really, and totally self-inflicted. But I hope this - as one solution to the problem - can help anyone else who comes up against the issue in future.
  2. Just to add, as many others have commented, I can actually edit the section / text blocks if I TAB through the elements whilst in Edit Mode. Since new sections / blocks seem to be working ok, my last resort is to delete the offending section & rebuild the styling & content in a new section. Hope it doesn't come to this, but I need to move on...
  3. Also getting this issue as of this morning. What's going on? What's happening with me is that it's only one section (my main page content for that page) which I can't edit. Header & Footer are fine, as are new sections. Removing all Custom CSS code allows the section to be edited OK, so will investigate further along these lines & post back...
  4. Also getting this issue as of this morning. What's going on?
  5. Thanks for your reply ryandejaegher . I'm quite familiar with dev tools, and use these daily in this & other work. My experience with SQS, though, is that it's not straight-forward to identify the correct classes & IDs etc, even when using dev tools. It's usually a matter of trial & error to find the ones you actually need to modify, which is a more time consuming process than it needs to be. If some sort of architecture / framework document were available to help guide customers in this, it'd be very useful. tuanphan has at least tried to help out with this forum post: But honestly, it's not great that we have to scrabble around looking for this sort of important background info when time, for most of us, is of the essence. It's doubly frustrating when you realize that such documentation probably does exist within SQS and it's just not been made more widely available for customers to use.
  6. I'm building my first site in Squarespace using the v7.1 template, and although I'm progressing, it's going much slower than I'd like. A reason for this is that I'm in the dark & confused about many aspects of exactly how Squarespace works. To help me I'd really like some sort of technical systems overview document or guide, something to help me quickly pinpoint the elements, classes, IDs etc I need to change to make SQS do what I want without the hours of coding trial & error needed just to affect something as simple as, for example, a simple font color change, or apply a background transparency, to a targeted element. Is there such a thing, does anyone know? Ideally I'd like a Squarespace architecture overview made for public consumption, aimed at customers that are able to apply code to build & enhance their sites, that provides both a structural overview, which also describes in good detail how site components interact & how a site works exactly, & explains where best (in terms of elements, classes & IDs etc) to apply custom code to achieve desired outcomes. I'm looking for something that sits somewhere between the sort of thing that Squarespace architects & developers might use in house and the reams of publicly available glossy support docs aimed at none-coding Squarespacers. Really a document that describes the hierarchy of elements, classes & IDs etc, their structure, purpose and how these & other supporting & structural components depend on each other & operate together within a site. Can anyone, from SQS or otherwise, help out?
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