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    ridhasekhri got a reaction from pramirol in Minify Code (HTML, CSS, JS) for better page load time   
    Site URL: https://www.TwelveAndTwentyEight.com
    Hello All - Our Digital Marketing Team told us that our home page size is approx 7 MB which is not good for SEO and needs to be reduced if possible. Below is the breakup of elements contributing to that size from a Chrome Extension called Page Inspector. As you can see JS, CSS is contributing approzx 4 MB to the page size. Is there a way to reduce it by some squarespace settings? Isn't Squarespace optimizing code JS, HTML, CSS on it's own- same way it optimizes image sizes? As per https://www.directom.com/minify-javascript-css-warnings/ Squarespace doesn't optimize code but I am posting here to confirm/check with you all. As a Backup option, I have connected my site to CloudFlare (10 minutes ago) with a hope that it may help in the desired outcome. 

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    ridhasekhri reacted to tuanphan in Minify Code (HTML, CSS, JS) for better page load time   
    If you use Cloudflare, you can enable Minify HTML/CSS/JS in Cloudflare
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