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  1. @tuanphan Thanks for your inputs! I have connected our site to CloudFlare but was wondering why isn't Squarespace minifying code - like it does images I think.
  2. Site URL: https://www.twelveandtwentyeight.com/ When I add this Image Block (Card Layout) to Collection Header Content of the Index page of Jones Template (York Family) , initially size and everything looks good (screenshot#1 without image) but once the image is added, size of the block becomes very big, you have to scroll to go through the entire block (screenshot#2 with image) . Because of this, we are not able to use Image Block (Card Layout) that we would like to use for the desired outcome. Can anyone please help or share inputs- what needs to be done? Page has some coding blocks but I don't think/expect that to impact this OOTB functionality. This problem doesn't happen on any other page where we add the same content to Page Content of any other page.
  3. Site URL: https://www.TwelveAndTwentyEight.com Hello All - Our Digital Marketing Team told us that our home page size is approx 7 MB which is not good for SEO and needs to be reduced if possible. Below is the breakup of elements contributing to that size from a Chrome Extension called Page Inspector. As you can see JS, CSS is contributing approzx 4 MB to the page size. Is there a way to reduce it by some squarespace settings? Isn't Squarespace optimizing code JS, HTML, CSS on it's own- same way it optimizes image sizes? As per https://www.directom.com/minify-javascript-css-warnings/ Squarespace doesn't optimize code but I am posting here to confirm/check with you all. As a Backup option, I have connected my site to CloudFlare (10 minutes ago) with a hope that it may help in the desired outcome.
  4. Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat. The grind never stops and you have to be at the top of your game at all times so as to not get lost in that crowd of competitors. The place to start with is - your brand's visual identity. So today I am sharing a few easy DIY tips to make your brand visually consistent and look good because looks do sell! The better your brand looks, better are your chances to make the client/user/customer stay and become a potential lead! So let’s dive right in.


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