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  1. From Squarespace Help: "I tested this out and looked into what you described, and it does look like we have some reports of Text Block content not being indexed and available in the site search for some version 7.1 sites. I’ve made a record of this for our Engineering and Design teams to review. That being said, there are many moving parts and variables that we need to address before we roll out a solution. We thoroughly test all fixes before they’re released to ensure they don’t affect other Squarespace components or customers. I don't have an immediate workaround or solution to offer for thi
  2. Site URL: http://madeinorl.com/search Any news on when this function will appear? I've now got clients who need this and it's not working. Everything is done except for this last thing. Please please tell me I don't have to build it over in 7.0 to get search to work.
  3. Got a chance to visit @etenenbaum and @MaddieSmith at Squarespace HQ earlier this month. Check out the view from the roof!

    Squarespace rooftop view.jpg

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