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  1. I would like to know which templates show captions in galleries on mobile- I’m using sonny (Brine) and there’s no caption in landscape or portrait mode. Is there some code or a work around? Or perhaps a different way of doing things. My client is a jeweller who wants to display her collection with captions and just can’t have anything else... other than drawing up a page with photos and text I’m struggling to work out how to do this....
  2. Yes just posed long answer to this and it didn't post so breifly it needed to be actioned by the person who wrote the code at the guild.
  3. Im using Sonny /Brine and we would like to make the text on the poster highlight on Hover - I have seen a few of these questions but none have useful answers for me!
  4. I have been given code in order to display a logo, they are being careful about who gets to dislay the logo as its from a guild. i have tried adding it using the code block but it didnt work. without giving the code here - can anyone advise me on how to make this work, squarespace advisors cant help due to it being from a 3rd party.
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