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  1. Thank you so much to both of you ! Here are some more precisions about the way to do it : 1/ Each page has a specific collection number, so if you want to hide the navigation bar on a specific page, go on this page and find the page's collection number 2/ Replace the collection number in the following code by yours #collection-5dcedd5eb702913cebc23c32 .Header-nav { display: none!important; } 3/ Insert the code in DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS 4/ If you need to hide your navigation bar on several pages, follow the first 3 steps for each page. Your custom CSS window will look like this #collection-5dcd70869ea30043a7d107f7 .Header-nav { display: none!important; } #collection-5dcd7c15efe0ea08ad8167ac .Header-nav { display: none!important; } #collection-5dcedd5eb702913cebc23c32 .Header-nav { display: none!important; } šŸ‘‹šŸ»
  2. Hey hi, i have seen on the forum the exact same question i'm posting right now but none of the answers work for me so here i am. Iā€™m trying to remove the navigation bar from a specific page on my maple inn template (brine family). I'v read that i should insert this code : body#collection-5d58db8548099500014d80bb nav.Header-nav.Header-nav--primary { display: none; } But it doesn't work. Is there another way to do it or should i modify something in the code ? Thx in advance for your help !
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