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  1. Site URL: https://www.forthrightadvising.com/blog/push-and-pull-communications Hey there, I know that in a Summary block, when "Excerpt" is unchecked, the "Read More" button won't show up even when toggled on, but I've been trying to alter that with CSS. I've got Summary Blocks (carousel design) at the bottom of every blog for this client and we don't want to excerpt but we DO want a "Read More" option to show up below each: I'm still in my CSS learning curve, so naturally, the CSS I've been playing around with hasn't worked so far. I've been attempting different iterations of this: I've got Summary Blocks at the bottom of every blog for this client, so a site-wide/summary-block-wide code (that works better than my rudimentary attempt) would be lovely. Side notes: I DO have CSS for the arrows on the Summary Block (carousel design) that I can provide if need be, though none of it isolates the "Read More" links, just the ".sqs-gallery-controls." It's also a 7.0 site in the Brine family, if that info is needed. Happy to provide whatever else might be helpful too! Thanks all 🙂
  2. @tuanphanAhh unfortunately still getting those weird shadow breaks in Safari. Thanks for the help though!
  3. Site URL: http://www.thepeak1group.com/home Hi there, I'm using the following CSS code (in Custom CSS under the Design tab, in a 7.0 Brine family site) to add drop shadows to specific images: This works *perfectly* on Chrome and I never realized there were issues with it until working with a client this week who primarily uses Safari (I work on Chrome) -- he noticed that there were "breaks" in the drop shadows across the site where I'd used the code to create the shadows. I even tried a code to add drop shadows to ALL images universally (instead of using block IDs to isolate specific ones) and still ran into issues...but only on Safari. Is there a fix for this? Or something that needs to get added/edited/removed from the code that would enable Safari to recognize it and implement it correctly? Or another code entirely that would help Safari read it correctly? This is my first time running into cross-browser issues. Attaching an image from each browser for a "shadow break" example. Thanks so much!
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