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  1. Hi!! I have a question.. I was running my facebook ad and I was not getting any clicks so I dug deeper. Come to find out when you click on the link through mobile, the page comes up all messed up. I have tried the different templates but they still come up messed up. If you go to the page by just typing the url in the mobile it comes up great. But if you post the link in Facebook and click on it, it comes up messed up. So this told me it is Facebook. I dug deeper and got this code: The following required properties are missing: og:description, fb:app_id I was very disappointed to find t
  2. Hello everyone!!! So I have a landing page that is connected to a Facebook ad. On the landing page it directs them to join a group. I have not been getting group joins so I dug deep and come to find out when you click on the link. The landing page when it comes up on the mobile all chopped. Now this is only happening when you click on the link if it is posted to Facebook. I can't figure this out or why it is doing it. Below are the pictures... the first two are if you go straight to the website through your mobile, comes up fantastic. The others are from Facebook and they com
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