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  1. The site looks rather nice, but I see a LOT of stylistic issues with text.  By "style," I don't mean typeface (font) or anything like that, but how you treat words.  Just two examples for now:  "Sin perfumes. Vegano"  which appears in the English version as "No fragrances. Vegan"    Why should there be a period after "No fragrances" and not one after "Vegan"?    On this same section/page... you've capitalized formulas and serum.  Why?  On MOST of the site, serum is not capitalized.  There needs to be consistency.   Personally, I prefer downstyle (only the first word of a sentence is captialized).

    If you want me to point out more things...  you can write to me: olsondesign [at] icloud [dot] com

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