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  1. Do you know if there is a way to edit an existing page, and save the updated page as a draft until you're ready to publish the updates? I'm basically making some updates to a page, but don't want others to see those updates until I'm done testing them Thanks!
  2. Simple question, but can't find an answer in the support documents. If I want to issue a partial refund on a product purchased from our Squarespace Commerce online store, does the partial refund also reduce the total amount of sales tax collected? For example - a customer forgot to use a discount code, so we'd like to simply issue them a partial refund, for the same amount of that discount, rather than canceling/refunding the entire order and making them re-purchase the item. We also are trying to avoid a full refund, since Stripe does NOT refund their transaction fees for refunded purchases, so I don't want to pay them twice for the same item.
  3. @paul2009 - what's the best way to find out if your extension will work out our site? I'm not the person that set it up, but am now the one managing it. Thanks for your help!
  4. Yes, Shopify is definitely setup much better than the Squarespace commerce option. But unless there is an easy way to integrate it into our Squarespace site, we'll probably stick with the Squarespace option. We don't do a ton of sales - it's not our main business (we are an endurance sports coaching company), but need a way for our clients to purchase our branded items.
  5. I'm trying to figure out a way to track inventory that is spread out among different locations. This sounds like an option, where we could create a variant called "Pickup Location" and add the inventory at each location. This could help us keep track of our inventory at each location, as well as avoid someone purchasing the product at a location that is currently out of stock. We could then re-stock that location, and adjust the inventory. If there is a better way to track inventory across multiple store locations, I'd love to hear about it! Thank you...
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