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  1. I am using Hypatia Sans for my body copy, which is a preloaded font. I am using 300 weight and the default bold is very heavy. I would like to bring the bold down to the 600 weight. I have found how to adjust the bold across the entire website, but not for just the body copy. I have files with the 300 and 600 weights in normal, but not italic. I can upload those, and set the body copy in the style editor, but since I don't have the italic versions it isn't working very well. is there a way to adjust the bold using the preloaded weights and not uploading the fonts again? Thanks!
  2. I have spent a couple of weeks getting my website the way I like it. I am using the Rally template. I wanted to test a couple of fonts so I previewed the Five template. When I went back to my live site it was totally messed up. The content and custom CSS was there but the formatting was wrong. Spacing is messed up, the meta data on my blog posts is wrong. Cards, overlaps and collages are not the same. Fonts and colors are off. I could go on and on. I can't adjust some of things, so I just stopped trying to get bakc what I had. I am heartsick about this! I am coming back to Squarespace, having left about a year ago, and this was never a problem before. In fact, I used to love playing around with other templates because I could learn without affecting my live site. I always thought having something in the background to play around with and learn on was a great feature of Squarespace. I had a similar instance when I initially returned and I previewed Moshka. I didn't think much of it because I was just beginning to design my new site. But now, after what happened tonight, I'm wondering if the lovely site I created was just a hybrid of Rally and Moshka, because what I have now is a hybrid of Rally and Five. Is there anyway I can recover what I had? TIA
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