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  1. Hi Sophia. I followed your webinar on Squarespace Scheduling couple of weeks ago. It was great. I was able to implement the service for one of my clients, but now I am facing little issues and don't know where to ask my questions? Maybe you can help out?

    Both questions concern the calendar:

    1. I set up a group class webinar in Squarespace Scheduling. This class is shown in the Scheduling calendar. I synchronised Squarespace Scheduling to my Google calendar, but there the group class I created won't be shown? I don't want to block the time in my google calendar a second time, but as admin I would like to see the classes I scheduled in Scheduling in my Google calendar as well?

    2. Subscriptions: As soon as people sign up for the webinar they are all being shown in my google calendar as single appointments at the same. Is that right? Where can I change that? If 25 people are signing up the do all appear in my Google Calendar? That seems weird to me…

    Did I do anything wrong? Can you help me out or tell me where I can post this questions elsewise?

    Thanks so much. And have a great day from Switzerland, 




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    1. sophiaojha


      Okay, I see your note here. Sorry for missing your message.

      You may have solved this issue by now. If not, this resource guide should help. 

      Otherwise drop me a line to so@sophiaojha and let's chat.



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