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  1. I’ve been looking at adding the scheduler to a mountain biking website but cannot fathom out whether what I want to achieve is possible. There are 2 types of bookings - Private and a Shared Ride. Private rides are fairly straight forward. The shared Rides need to be able to: Book 1 person £50 Book 2 people £95 Book 3 people £135 Book 4 people £170 The maximum number of people during the same time slot is 4 people so a group of 3 and a group of 2 couldn’t book on at the same time. I’ve looked into doing this as a class but you can only book 52 days in advance and
  2. Hi I work from the beautiful Cotswolds in the South West of England. I have had my company for 20 years and work with a virtual team. I primarly do all the design and brand work and collaborate with web developers. I believe all marketing material needs to be consistent so can provide all services from branding, logo design, digital brochure design through to web sites and graphical elements for social media. I'm interested to find out if your businesses will adapt at all with the changes in the world right now. I miss face to face contact and everything has gone virtual which gives me m
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