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  1. Why are the fonts specified in the CSS code below not appearing on screen? I'm trying implement my code on an unlinked page in the Brine template. I've inserted the CSS code via Design-->Custom Code. Only Freight Text is appearing, not the other fonts. Project HTML <div class="tt-canvas-inner-21813"> <span class="tt-layer tt-21813-layer-1">LEGALITIES</span> <span class="tt-layer tt-21813-layer-2">This page was last updated in </span> <span class="tt-layer tt-21813-layer-3">JULY</span> <span class="tt-layer tt-21813-layer-4">20
  2. I'm banging my head on the wall trying to do this same thing, but now it's 2018 and things have changed on SS. I'm wondering if someone can update the 'How To' for this request. It seems like such a basic feature for SS to include, but they don't. So frustrating. Thank you for any help.
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