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  1. I don't need any CSS help, but thank you for offering. I'm just so surprised and can't believe it's not an integrated feature. It definitely should be.
  2. Am I missing something? How am I unable to edit any lock screen styles in 7.1? Is this another 7.1 error they're working on? The only 2 styles I can change are the background color and the password box styles--AKA pointless customizations. I guess I'm just wondering... are they serious? Edit to add: Just in case anyone else finds this thread down the road... Just spoke with a Squarespace rep who says it's NOT possible to do this. I seriously can't believe it.
  3. Yes, I noticed that default feature was taken away. Which is extremely unfortunate, seeing as how somehow my site's default is black and I 99% of the time use one of the white color schemes. Very annoying. Would love a fix for this.
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