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  1. Ahhh - hmm interesting - I wonder what it could be! I didn't do much coding on this site really - I'll have to dig around but happy to hear suggestions too 🙂
  2. My Menu at the top is white lettering and now I can't see it - @taunphan - do you have a code snippet to add to this cody block that adjusts menu color? Thank you!
  3. Site URL: https://www.botanicalblueprints.com/blog/bowmans-hill-preserve-wedding Would Anyone know why this black bar is popping up in the new blog post I just posted in 7.1? It's not showing up on any of my older blog posts.
  4. Hello, I am trying to add two buttons to the Site Header for a Chiro. One to Request Appt and One for New Patients. Is there any way to achieve this in 7.1? Also, is there any way to have the two buttons on a separate line in the Site Header? Screenshot attached for reference. Thank you!
  5. Beautiful work! There is an image at the bottom that needs to be re-sized so it's the same as the rest of the gallery and also would recommend a footer with some useful links such as contact info etc. Maybe a social media feed if you use IG.
  6. Hello, Is there a way to add an image to the background of a header in 7.1 that not just setting color to "transparent"? Thank you! Jane
  7. Yes! Please see link below: https://www.embodypoledance.com/
  8. Hmm...having the same issue and the code still isn't doing the hover :/ Is there something else to try? Thanks so much!
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