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  1. Does anyone know how to enable a 3 for $60 "promotion" of a certain item in a squarespace basic commerce plan?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. @creedon Yup disabling Ajax Loading seemed to do the trick! Thank you for that trick - I would have never been able to figure that out! Much appreciated!
  3. @tuanphan @creedon I have an interesting/odd thing happening now. Using the code provided, I am now seeing that text above categories 🙌 However: Firstly, it doesn't automatically show up as I land on a page - I have to refresh the page for the text block to show. Second, it seems to get stuck as I shift from product page to product page. For example, take a look at BUILD YOUR OWN Page: https://www.rebeccadolber.com/jewelry-making-kits And then toggle over to NECKLACE page: https://www.rebeccadolber.com/necklaces Do you have any recommendations by chance to be able to fix this somehow? Thank you so much!
  4. @creedonTHANK YOU so much! That worked great - is there any way to make the font for the content not take on the uppercase transform that I have set for categories in the global setting? Thank you! Jane
  5. Hey, I'm trying to do the same thing on my website and the codes in here haven't been working - any chance @tuanphan you can help? I would like to add a block of text right above the category navigation and below the header. https://www.rebeccadolber.com/jewelry-making-kits Thank you! Jane
  6. Ahhh - hmm interesting - I wonder what it could be! I didn't do much coding on this site really - I'll have to dig around but happy to hear suggestions too 🙂
  7. My Menu at the top is white lettering and now I can't see it - @taunphan - do you have a code snippet to add to this cody block that adjusts menu color? Thank you!
  8. Site URL: https://www.botanicalblueprints.com/blog/bowmans-hill-preserve-wedding Would Anyone know why this black bar is popping up in the new blog post I just posted in 7.1? It's not showing up on any of my older blog posts.
  9. Hello, I am trying to add two buttons to the Site Header for a Chiro. One to Request Appt and One for New Patients. Is there any way to achieve this in 7.1? Also, is there any way to have the two buttons on a separate line in the Site Header? Screenshot attached for reference. Thank you!
  10. Beautiful work! There is an image at the bottom that needs to be re-sized so it's the same as the rest of the gallery and also would recommend a footer with some useful links such as contact info etc. Maybe a social media feed if you use IG.
  11. Hello, Is there a way to add an image to the background of a header in 7.1 that not just setting color to "transparent"? Thank you! Jane
  12. Yes! Please see link below: https://www.embodypoledance.com/
  13. Hmm...having the same issue and the code still isn't doing the hover :/ Is there something else to try? Thanks so much!
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