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  1. Thanks! Can you share a code for fixing this? 🙂
  2. Site URL: https://rockcreek-church-new.squarespace.com/config/design Hello! I need help getting my gallery block images that I'm using for custom social link icons to stay the same size on mobile and not get huge. Right now when you go to mobile view it will be HUGE and I need them to stay small. I'm using gallery block because we have more than just social icons we have an email and phone icon etc. It's for a church I'm doing their site and they HAVE to have that at bottom. I would love to know how to customize with code to get any image gallery block to stay same size as well as code to make it a certain size as well if needed. Password to view the site is : RC2020. Thanks! Brandon
  3. Site URL: https://rockcreek-church-new.squarespace.com/ Hello all! I'm working on website for a client that is a church. Got everything pretty much laid out and designed. I go to mobile view however and all the banner images on the home page are cropped really bad and the CSS code I had didn't work. I want them to all rescale so you can see the banner image. Reasoning is because I do custom graphics for their banner images or I'm using their series graphics as banners etc. They want to be able to see all that on mobile with the custom graphic stuff. Can anyone help me. I've added screenshot of desktop version and what mobile looks like. Any help today would be AMAZING! Thanks!
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