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  1. That worked, thanks so much! I thought the code injection had to live on the Product Page that I created the product on, not that it had to be added to any page that the product appeared on. Thanks again so much!
  2. Thank you -- I've figured out a workaround, by changing the Checkout Settings to hide the Quantity for service products: SERVICE PRODUCTS QUANTITYShow the Quantity field for service products anywhere they appear, allowing customers to buy more than one. I have some folks testing the product on this page: https://www.serfa.org/2019-official-showcase-app The quantity is only hidden because I unchecked the box for the Service Products Quantity. When I check it, it shows up again, even though the code injection you provided is applied to that product's page...
  3. I thought I had resolved my issue by creating a new product on the page that had the page header code injection to hide the quantity. Am appealing to @TreyT -- your page header code injection was so helpful, initially! Products I create on the same product page are now displaying the quantity -- it's no longer hidden (although it's hidden on a couple of the products on the same page, so the behavior is inconsistent). I'm stumped....
  4. In trying to resolve my issue (above), I created a new product on the page, inserted it into my site page, and the quantity didn't appear, as desired. It looks like products on the page that I created before I added the page header code injection will still show the quantity....word to the wise.
  5. Has something changed recently (does the page header code injection code need to be updated)? I used the code suggested above to hide the quantity on a product page successfully -- when I placed two products from that page on different site pages, the quantity didn't appear (as desired). This morning I'm adding another product from that same product page to another site page, and the product is displaying the quantity (not desired).
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