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  1. Error in required structured data element I have had my blog for years on SS. And just today I receive this? Why - how do I fix this?
  2. Hi there - Can you open up some more spots for your class on Nov 18th. I think this is just what our clients needs to know SS can do fo rthem - they sell memberships. They are considering leaving SS for Kajabi. Being in the class might just save this client from leaving SS. Can you add me to the class?

    1. ENTH_LABS


      + 1 --- I was going to ask the same question @kerstinmartin

    2. kerstinmartin


      Hi there! I do not control the spots, please reach out to Maddie Smith who manages the forum and the webinars. In addition to the webinar I will also have a blog post and updates about Member Areas on my website, feel free to sign up to my newsletter to be notified:



    3. IcIt




  3. Hi @brandon thank you 4 the code - worked beautifully. K
  4. I am having the same issue with my Forte site https://houseDesignArchitects.com. Client is pretty upset - because he uses an Ipad out in the field. I am new to posting in Circle - is this the right place to ask for help? I do not know how to fix this - please redirect me to the correct forum for help. Thanks! K
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