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  1. I run an event management company for road races (5K races, etc...). I host results on my Squarespace site. I use a service that provides a "widget embed code" for dynamic results but these seem to be having some issues. When visiting my site on certain browsers (Safari specifically, and others), the widget does not 'fire'. Hitting refresh does trigger it though. On iOS devices, even refresh does not seem to help; the widget diverts to the main source and not the embedded data. So, if I can not solve that issue, I want to instead create an HTML file and have a link to the file on the page instead. I don't plan to run a server for my local files, so I am wondering how I can put my HTML files on my site the 'easiest' way. I think it is cumbersome and difficult to maintain separate, unique links for every single event. That would mean a separate event page and results page and I was hoping to avoid that. Ideas? Thanks in advance. Steve
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