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  1. I've added a carousel gallery to my footer block. I've added title to each image in the gallery. There seems to be no way to display these titles. All other gallery design layouts allow to show the title/caption except for carousel. This also applies to footer only. because in body sections there is a workaround to use other ways to display images that show title/captions. The footer section does not have the same page layout options as body, so i'm stuck:( helpppp! 🙂 WEBSITE LINK: https://www.makestories.com/gallery-test thank you, kind Soul!
  2. Tuan and Ian, i'm having the same problem, and using the same code as Ian. My audio autoplays in chrome while i am in my editing mode, but no in safari or mobile. Here is the website, would appreciate some help on how you were able to solve it. https://bell-now.squarespace.com password ---- > demo
  3. Hi Sayrembrosio, I totally agree, with you, but the client wants! I tried talking them out of it. I personally find music playing in the background of a website, super annoying, especially when you have multiple tabs open, and can't figure out how to make it stop 🙂 You bring up very important points, i'll talk to them again, and see if we can reconsider this. really appreciate your input!
  4. I've uploaded audio via the audio block. Trying to figure out how to set it to autoplay upon page load. Here is my website https://bellhop-final.squarespace.com/ pass:demo At the moment, the audio block controls are positioned at the bottom left on hero section. thank you
  5. Hi, do you mind sharing your solution, i am also trying to figure out how to autoplay squarespace audio block thank you
  6. One More Note 🙂 I figured out you can define @property in the advanced settings code injections like below. But adding the rest of the code to Custom CSS section still does not work. I still have to add rest of the code wrapped in <style> tags either in page advanced header injection or inline in the code block. <script> CSS.registerProperty({ name: "--k", syntax: "<number>", inherits: false, initialValue: "0" }); </script>
  7. Also, it works when added to advanced page header injection. I'm excited to have discovered this new @ property CSS. It's part of the CSS Houdini Api. Are you familiar with it? Have you used it for anything?
  8. Hi Tuan I was adding the code to my custom CSS code. without style tags and instead of img using .image-block. Your whole code above, added to code block works works for me too. but, do you know why it does now work when added to custom CSS? The syntax error is on line on so its for this property definition @property --k { syntax: "<number>"; initial-value: 0; inherits: false; } is there a better way to define these variables in custom CSS? thanks so much Tuan!
  9. Site URL: https://codepen.io/thebabydino/pen/YzppPmm Hi, I'm trying to convert a code pen SCSS to CSS to use in my Squarespace custom code. Here is the Codepen link https://codepen.io/thebabydino/pen/YzppPmm Code Pen has an option to convert SCSS to CSS, but their converted CSS still does not work in Squarespace. Does anyone know what is happening?
  10. Once again @tuanphan what do you think? I hope Squarespace starts paying you for all the valuable advice and guidance you provide to so many of us here on the Forum!
  11. Site URL: https://something-blog.squarespace.com/ Question for mobile optimization on Headline Carousel Section: ON MOBILE, I am trying to center align the content of Headline Carousel Section (.user-items-list-carousel) and show adjacent slides with .5 opacity. the carousel is center aligned on desktop, but on mobile, i was only able to get it to span full width of viewport. I don't know what the name for ACTIVE SLIDE IN VIEW so please can someone help? Please, refer to attached mockup of the UX I'm trying to achieve. Thank you so much! Website: ---> https://something-blog.squarespace.com/ Password: ---> demo
  12. Site URL: https://something-blog.squarespace.com/ i'm using Portfolio section on my Homepage. I am trying to create separate layouts for desktop and mobile. Desktop, uses the native feature to reveal hidden .portfolio-hover-item images, when you hover over the text items. FOR MOBILE. How do you force these hidden images to show up inline, without needing to hover over? Please, see attached screenshot. I know how to rearrange the content side by side, as in the mockup. I just have no idea how to force the hidden images to show up. -------- Website: https://something-blog.squarespace.com/ Password: demo --------------- thank you so much!
  13. From what i know so far, i dont think you can create a custom variable for font-family property. I may be wrong. Does anyone know?
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