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  1. You're missing a closing </p> tag. <p style="font-size: 30px; line-height: 0.4; vertical-align: 5px;">SUBTITLE</p> Also, if you're using a List Item, I believe that that particular block may not support HTML so that'd be part of the issue. You'd be better off making the text bold and using something like: .list-item-content__title strong { font-size: 30px; line-height: 0.4; vertical-align: 5px; } In your custom CSS.
  2. You would need something like readmore.js and then could write some javascript for it.
  3. You've shot yourself in the foot there, mate, by using image blocks. My suggestion would be to rebuild that section using a Gallery Block (You're on 7.0 Bedford right?) as it will be easier to manage in future and less fiddly with code and less likely to break in general for things like this. That said, this one actually isn't too hard and should work with: @media (max-width: 640px) { #collection-612c9ebd5d3d1a3a142c6c28 .sqs-col-3 { width: 50%!important; float: auto!important; } } It's not too bad in this instance but using native blocks tends to be better imo.
  4. For the main section on the homepage? OR other pages too? Super! If you can mark it as the "best answer" it'll help others with the same issue find a solution quicker 🙂
  5. Have you tried adding to the page header?
  6. Yes. However, it would look less awkward. To do that, you'd (likely) just need to move whatever code is in your code injection to run it currently into the code injection for the homepage: Click the cog on the page > advanced > page header injection And that should do the trick. For the cookie thing, to get it to work only once per session/on first visit, you'd have to figure out if there's GDPR work there, just as a note. If you want help there, to be honest, I haven't seen it done on Squarespace before but it should be possible. I'm pretty booked up right now but if you're looking to hire I can check my availability in the coming weeks?
  7. Hi Ben, small world, I think we may have a mutual frind! Anyhow, the issue is partly to do with having parallax turned on. The following should help: @media (max-width: 640px) { /*Image - ensure min-height is larger than section*/ img.custom-fallback-image.loaded { min-height: 60vh; } /*Sectioon*/ #collection-612c9ebd5d3d1a3a142c6c28 .Intro.Intro--has-image, #collection-612c9ebd5d3d1a3a142c6c28 .Parallax-item { min-height: 50vh; } }
  8. First off, really cool text at the start! Secondly, one way would be to use javascript to set a cookie, which might be a bit of a pain. An easier solution would be to only apply the code you've used to your home page, as honestly, that'll be where they're going first. Lastly, optimising for both is case by case but generally as a rule of thumb: compress your images make sure they have alt-text check for any junk/unecessary code test on a number of devices and have your styling mobile-first (i.e. desktop not media queries) if you're mobile focused ensure that you've designed for both - i.e. don't just rely on Squarespace to "convert" for mobile
  9. Use a media query. For example. //h3 font change// h3 { font-family: roboto; font-weight: 500; line-height: 1.8em; font-size: 14px; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: .2em; @media (max-width: 640px) { font-size: YOURFONTSIZE; } }
  10. Thank you. Please mark my answer if it's answered your question as it'll help others find one in future.
  11. Hey @Sionski You're going to be hard pushed to get this without making the spacing look horrible. That progress bar for each track needs space to breathe. Regardless, you can play with this: .sqs-audio-playlist .track { margin-bottom: 2%; } .track-progress-bar { padding-bottom: 2%; } Play with those percentages to adjust the spacing.
  12. Pretty sure this is common and they're not really doing plugins anymore. I strongly suggest using the SQSPThemes accotabs plugin instead. It's a lot more versatile and has support. (And if you use my affiliate link, I'll get a little thank you from SQSPThemes for it!)
  13. You need to check what the properties of your buttons are, using the inspect tool, and copy them. Some should be clear from the Site Styles tab (e.g. colours and shape) but padding can be fiddly. I'm afraid it's something that has to be done manually.
  14. If you mean the one at the top of the page: .products.collection-content-wrapper .nested-category-children::after { border-color: white; } If you want something else, you'll need to be more specific as your question is very vague. Also, when asking for help, please remove the "disable right click" code; it is a nuisance for the people trying to help you and really doesn't do anything. It's 2021, if someone wants to copy an image, they will do it.
  15. Unfortunately, this isn't possible with Squarespace. Perhaps you can submit a feature request to customer support and it may come through in a few months or so, but it currently isn't an option. Potentially, you could pay to get this functionality developed custom for your website but it wouldn't be cheap I'm afraid.
  16. Hey @bbowers00, @SienArt and @anna4, The answer is No, it's not possible. However, you may find that SquareWebsites Chrome Extension solves your issue somewhat. It allows you to copy blocks between pages (and websites), which would make converting them take a fraction of the time. Rather than having to rebuild and re-upload, you can copy sections rapidly and it'll save you a lot of time. Hope that it helps.
  17. Can you show us the desired look that you wish to achieve please?
  18. Hi @keithwlarson, Use the code you've found from before and add a class to it. Then, style the class to match your other buttons. <input class="new-button-class" type="button" value="Go Back From Whence You Came!" onclick="history.back(-1)" /> .new-button-class { padding: YOURPADDINGHERE; color: YOURCOLOURHERE; background: YOURBACKGROUNDCOLOURHERE; } etc
  19. You don't appear to have added titles/captions to any of the images. Please add them and we can help.
  20. You'll likely want to put it into Blog Item Code Injection but it's not really going to work. See, you could do something like the following: article.entry { padding: 0!important; } .blog-item-inner-wrapper, .highcharts-container, svg.highcharts-root { width: 100%!important; } However, the "High Charts" widget that you're using is set for a max-width of about 900px so that's going to mean visually you probably won't see much difference. I'd first look at the code you're using there and see if there's an option to make it full width.
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