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  1. Unfortunately I'm not sure this works for doing it by Author.
  2. I believe that this could be done with some js...
  3. Did you ever sort the 7.1 error @tuanphan ? Your older code seems to work fine:
  4. I've recently encountered the same issue - is anyone else having it?
  5. Hey just seen this. Care to share the jQuery that you used @tuanphan?
  6. Sadly not. The client also changed their mind and so now I'm not trying as earnestly to solve it as the immediate incentive is gone. It's still something on my radar so will post if/when I do.
  7. What a shame! This really should be an option - at the very least on higher up Commerce plans.
  8. @tuanphan Done. I've managed to get it to cover the image so now I'm figuring out: How to center text vertically. How to now set this to only appear on hover. Any advice or tips is greatly appreciated. EDIT: Have taken it off, for the moment, as it's driving me crazy and I may have to just use Image blocks with rollover gradient on desktop and a carousel on mobile as a work around for now. Thanks for your help. If you get time and think you can help some more, would really appreciate giving it another go.
  9. Thanks bud... Still gotta figure out how to make the caption & overlay fade in on hover but this is a big step forward.
  10. Sure https://ruby-recorder-wp9w.squarespace.com/?password=letsconnect There are a few galleries on the page atm, since I'm having a fiddle, but it's the 3 videos under the H2 "Videos" that I'm focused on atm. Thanks
  11. Any idea how to add the caption/alt text? OR change color of the overlay?
  12. Definitely something that needs fixing. Especially with the "Duplicate Site" feature... What if you create a "template" and want to use it for a different client... But then they have all the old photos cluttering up their page!
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