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  1. I've now made my preview live and switched template to Mojave! The url is https://valeriewartelle.co.uk/

    I would really appreciate advice and possible CSS code to:

    - Make homepage image fullbleed but retain site padding

    - Adding padding to Gallery, Gallery blocks, Product pages.

    - Changing number of columns in different Product pages e.g. 3 columns in Artwork, Stoles and Prints product pages and only two column needed in Voucher product page 

    I hope you can help, Lalie


  2. Site URL: https://valeriewartelle.co.uk/

    Hello - I am switching template within version 7.0 Wells to Mojave to benefit from different features. I am struggling with setting a fullwidth site, a full-bleed image on home page and adding padding so gallery, gallery-blocks, product pages etc don't appear squashed to the edges of the screen. I understand I may be able to add some CCS coding to do so. I'm not a coder so wondered if someone could advise?

    I'm working on preview so can't send the URL but attach screenshots of no padding v padding for homepage and gallery so you can see what I mean. Ideally I want it to look like this http://www.kerryschroeder.com/

    Hopefully you can help¬†ūüôā¬†Thanks!



    Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 15.57.55.png

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