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  1. Thanks for the code for the homepage tuanphan - it's perfect! I'm very happy 🙂 Here's the link to the voucher page https://valeriewartelle.co.uk/vouchers
  2. Hi everyone, I would be very grateful for any advice on my query. Thanks 🙂
  3. I've now made my preview live and switched template to Mojave! The url is https://valeriewartelle.co.uk/ I would really appreciate advice and possible CSS code to: - Make homepage image fullbleed but retain site padding - Adding padding to Gallery, Gallery blocks, Product pages. - Changing number of columns in different Product pages e.g. 3 columns in Artwork, Stoles and Prints product pages and only two column needed in Voucher product page I hope you can help, Lalie
  4. Thanks Tuan - I checked how to do that but once on dashboard, can't seem to find how to duplicate...
  5. Site URL: https://valeriewartelle.co.uk/ Hello - I am switching template within version 7.0 Wells to Mojave to benefit from different features. I am struggling with setting a fullwidth site, a full-bleed image on home page and adding padding so gallery, gallery-blocks, product pages etc don't appear squashed to the edges of the screen. I understand I may be able to add some CCS coding to do so. I'm not a coder so wondered if someone could advise? I'm working on preview so can't send the URL but attach screenshots of no padding v padding for homepage and gallery so you can see what I mean.
  6. Thank you tuanphan - something did work, but seemed to truncate either width or height of the full uploaded images, not the thumbs, so not looking right. Screenshots below before and after. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hi there - I also have a Wells gallery that's in need of more air / white space. I tried your code Colin, - added it to the Custom CSS area and changed the % - but nothing is happening... I'd grateful of some help. Thanks https://valeriewartelle.co.uk/portfolio
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