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  1. @tuanphan – superb! Thank you very much. Really appreciate it. May I ask, how did you isolate it to one page only? Does the line: body#collection-5fcfc8e228714b03f1bb3502 refer specifically to the index page section containing the paintings? With gratitude, David
  2. Thank you @tuanphan - this does work, but it removes the spacers across the whole site. I need it for one index page only. Is there a custom CSS code which would make the same result on one index only? Thank you again! D
  3. @tuanphan– thanks so much for your reply. I'm attaching an image below, with some roughly placed green dots to show spacing inconsistencies. (also, I think spacer blocks do indeed show on my mobile site, I've tried completely removing them and there is a difference) Appreciate your help! David
  4. Site URL: https://davidcass.art/latest Hello. On this page (davidcass.art/latest) I've deliberately used a staggered design. On laptop, desktop & tablet, I'm happy with this. On mobile, however, the placing of the spacers makes uneven gaps between the artworks. Is there a way to ignore spacer blocks on mobile on this single page? I can't do this site-wide as I rely on spacers elsewhere in my site. Thanks so much. David
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