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  1. Funnily enough I eventually found it without even looking for the answer. Stumbled upon a css tricks video for SS from someone random haha. MY ONLY issue now is that when I hover, the color is faded.. I'm not sure why. It's either the color is somehow duller, or the button is transparent by 10%... Idk what's going on but when I coded this to a code block, the hover worked perfect with a vibrant yellow of my choosing, the same code works 90% except for the hover just looking dull...
  2. I've been doing something for a couple of years now that may help you guys, but yes, it doesn't seem as professional as being able to EITHER: Create a manual order for a client to use the link and go ahead and pay the order, or be able to order with a custom pricing that they type (that we've agreed to). We're really just asking for invoicing and how fucking difficult is that? lol. Anyway, I added a product to my store that is $1. I then allow the quantity field to be edited and have them change THAT to the $ value we agreed upon. I've never seen additional fees doing this as it's a digital product. I then in CSS convert the text "quantity" to what ever text you want. I went with "Agreed upon price". It's the only way i've been able to get around it. Squarespace markets themselves for creatives and service sellers but come on... No manual order creation for easy buyer payments, or just straight up easy invoicing. Come on, this is 2021, we've been asking for it for years. It's not a hard thing to do when most of the bones are already in SS's system.
  3. Site URL: https://www.studiovulcan.com/ Hey there! So I'm looking to apply a custom CSS to a SS class. When I apply this to my OWN class (via a code block) it works just fine. When I then change that class from my own specified class to a SS class, the CSS then doesn't work. I've tried adding "!important" after the effects just to see if SS is trying to overwrite it but it still doesn't work. The class I'm trying to apply to is the button, however the buttons have two classes. I wonder if this is the issue? As you can see below, when I change ".button" to "sqs-block-button-element--medium" or "sqs-block-button-element", the changes revert and don't work. Ideas? EDIT: You can see on my website the working versus non-working button. The first button is a code block, the 2nd is a SS button. .button{ font-family: ff-good-headline-web-pro-condensed; letter-spacing: .1em; line-height: 120%; font-weight: 600; text-transform: uppercase; border-color: #f1c40f; border-width: 3px; color: #f1c40f; background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(45deg, #f1c40f 50%, transparent 50%); background-image: linear-gradient(45deg, #f1c40f 50%, transparent 50%); background-position: 100%; background-size: 400%; -webkit-transition: background 300ms ease-in-out; transition: background 300ms ease-in-out; padding-top:12px; padding-bottom:12px; padding-right: 35px; padding-left: 35px; border-radius: 8px; } .button:hover { background-position: 0; color:#0F0E0F; padding-top:15px; padding-bottom:15px; }
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