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  1. Site URL: https://www.studiovulcan.com/portfolio Hey there, Recently found out I can get some kind of RSS feed and plug it into pinterest so it automatically uploads anything from that page on to your pinterest account. This, for me, is a huge deal. I'd love to do-away with having to manually upload every picture I create. Thing is, I do the format rss thing at the end of the page, and it doesn't work. My index page does, but that doesn't really help me too much. Any ideas guys?
  2. I took it out because it annoyed me that I couldn't change it. BUT. The same thing happens on mobile devices. My PC version doesn't have that gap. Look on the mobile and it now has that spacing that scales with the page zoom. It makes no sense, because checking the CSS, it shows no padding or margin. (You can see this from and of the other orange graphic elements on my main page)
  3. Site URL: https://www.studiovulcan.com/ Hi guys, This has been annoying me for a while now. There's a weird space here I can't seem to get rid of. It's not padding and it's not margin. There WAS padding on a div within this one, but while removing it reduced this space by a solid 60ish%, the bit that's left here shows on PC and mobile. I have other "sections" like this that don't have this space on PC, but on mobile there IS this small spacing. I don't want it there, i want it flush with the section above and below it. Anyone have any idea what's going on here and if I can remove it w
  4. https://www.studiovulcan.com/portfolio I feel like that wouldn't be the case if a refresh loads it properly? But, i'm not an expert on this stuff, i have to fiddle for a while to figure it out. Then of course you add mobile stuff into the mix and all hell breaks loose because I have to figure out a way for it to not effect mobile, too. 😛 AHHHHH you know what. It's what you were referring to. I felt that last night I had to inject it. I just put it into the custom CSS and now it seems to work. If i see it glitching again, i'll return. So basically, don't inject anything into pages now. Th
  5. My site started to have this issue as I've been editing it this week. Even now, sometimes it loads some of the CSS, and other times it doesn't. I wanted the page to be FULL width, and Squarespace seems to make sure on the template i'm on that there's always a minimum of 17 px. So, I had to put in CSS to negate that. Sometimes it doesn't load that part of the css, and i'm assuming the template code is being loaded after instead (which it shouldn't be). It's becoming annoying as I like the template I have, but I don't know if I can easily move all the code to developer mode and adjust it more
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