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  1. Thanks for your help - This scales down the image and works, but it's not really what I was looking to achieve. It also seems to misalign the image, so it's no longer centred. I don't want it scaled down to view the whole image, because then the illustrated text is quite small on mobile. I just want it scaled so that the words in the middle don't get cropped off - I figure there has to be some way to decrease the max height of the gallery page and have the image scale proportionally and stay centered? @bangank36
  2. Site URL: https://www.kelseynaef.com/k-plus-t-forever I'd like to have the whole index gallery featured at the top of the page to scale down on mobile to decrease the chances of the illustrated text "KELSEY & TRAVIS" being cut off on mobile devices. I have an older iphone so it looks fine on my phone, but on most newer phones, it's getting cut off. Ideally, the height of the gallery is decreased, and the image scales proportionally within it and stays centered, but I'm having trouble making this happen. Any help would be great, thanks. Lauren
  3. @wklz this solution was working on my site: https://www.ashbylake.net/about/until I added the links that say "Read the full Terms of Reference for the ... " I didn't change anything else... do you know what might be the fix? Thank you in advance!
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