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  1. @MagneM THANK YOU SO MUCH! Before you wrote back I was trying this wording to no-avail ".Mobile-overlay-background" or ".Mobile-overlay-backdrop" .. I should have known it was "back" ... so thank you again, it worked great!
  2. Hi @MagneM - This is great, thank you -you rock! One other quick thought... any idea how to change the Mobile Menu Backdrop Color to an image instead of a color?
  3. Hi @MagneM Thank you - assuming I'll need to kick up the mobile breakpoint for this to work?
  4. Can anyone recommend custom code/plugin for creating a push navigation similar to this site? https://workhiveslc.com/ I'm using the Brine Template and am assuming it'll need to be code injection for the header. Maybe someone knows of a site offering or selling the plugin code? I know I can mimic this - sort of - by forcing the mobile hamburger to desktop by increasing the mobile breakpoint, but that means the menu background covers the entire desktop screen. Hoping to find partial coverage code. Thank you!
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