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  1. JaseBTC, that code was an example and needs to be modified with the correct CSS selectors for your specific circumstance. Please share a URL and point out where this is happening.
  2. Paul2009, I did report to customer care. But since Squarespace was been very slow and/or neglectful in updating the status page, it needs to be reported to the community somewhere. At this moment the status page is still showing all green, even though there have been multiple reports.
  3. This is happening again. Getting anything done today in Squarespace is very difficult. Nothing on the status page, but I am getting both 503 and 504 errors.
  4. I just complained to support again, they have confirmed an outage and admit the service page is not reflecting it.
  5. Squarespace is having another outage today, but they won't update the status page. They had a three-hour outage yesterday and were very late in updating the status page (conveniently not until I complained to support about the status page). This is happening way too frequently, I constantly get complaints from my clients about unreported outages.
  6. Hello! I've been a Circle Member so long that my original "Introduce Yourself" Post was made a couple of forums ago, and didn't seem to survive the migration. But I'm still here! (Trying to be more active in these forums lately...) I help people grow businesses of all sizes by creating engaging digital experiences, websites, & apps. I'm Managing Partner at Reiff Valliant & Co. (reiffvalliant.co.) & Founder of SqueakWorks (2.0) (squeakworks.com). You can see what else I may be up to at danielreiff.com. As a Technical Lead, Creative, and 23 year industry veteran specializing in all things Web & Digital, I've successfully deployed hundreds of websites, including projects for startups that contributed to high-profile acquisitions by companies such as Facebook(Meta), Motorola, and Boingo Wireless. My digital agency & web development house's original name was SqueakWorks (1.0). We were proudly page ranked in Google search near the top of page #1 under "Squarespace Specialists" for nearly a decade, and were one of the very first listed in the old specialist directory. Our scope and services offered has greatly expanded, and our name and structure changed, but we still use Squarespace quite a bit. We still consider ourselves "Squarespace Specialists", so please feel free to reach out! (And yes, we are "Experts" too... for the record, we were invited to join the new Squarespace Marketplace back in 2018 when it was first launching, but declined due to 99Designs terms of service.) When it comes to Squarespace, I've pretty much seen it all, so let me know how I can help. My agency reiffvalliant.co also handles many many other technical and creative requests as well, large and small. We did however miss the old name SqueakWorks (and its cute mascot), so I just launched a new startup (2.0) that is focused on more custom development outside the scope of Squarespace, so if you are feeling like Squarespace just isn't meeting your website needs, please check us out there as well! squeakworks.com. How to hire, connect with, or follow me: - DM / connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielryanreiff - Inquire through my Digital Agency: https://reiffvalliant.co/contact - Sign up for the Early Access Waitlist of my startup Squeakworks: https://squeakworks.com/ - See what else I'm up to and other ways to follow me at my personal website: https://danielreiff.com
  7. This is a known issue with Safari on mobile. It seems to affect the new 'scale text' feature in 7.1. I seem to have found a workaround, it basically involves using some CSS to override the scalable text on the mobile view. It's not a perfect solution, but it works until Squarespace fixes this (or Safari gets better). Here is some example code, you will want to modify this to your specific issue. In this case we are targeting our h1 headings: @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .sqs-block-html .sqsrte-scaled-text-container>.sqsrte-scaled-text h1 { font-size: 9.5vw!important; } } So it turns out that this Safari bug happens with not just the "scale text" feature of 7.1, but with lots of css responsive units, including em, rem, etc. (you can see this yourself by using these units in the above code example). I found that for some reason the viewport width (vw) work great and is an exception to this. Like I said, it is not a perfect or ideal solution, but it works. Might require a lot of tweaking depending on your site / context / use case. Tested on iPhone 13, 1Phone 13 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max.
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