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  1. But is there anyway to not have to make duplicates of products in order for them to appear in the summary block and on the product page? I would prefer them to not have to be both in the "Category" product page and another Unlinked gallery, since then they will show up twice when searching the site.
  2. Site URL: https://www.wolfhallantiques.com I have been trying to figure this out with no avail for weeks. My clients wants a Recent Acquisitions page on the site that just automatically displays the latest 50 items we've uploaded to inventory. Squarespace makes this nearly impossible. I have tried using Summary Blocks with tags, but they do not push new tags to the top, meaning that the same 9 items are always displayed (unless you untag them, which my client will never do). I would make another product page, but I don't want to have duplicates of items on the site (products are already orga
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