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    rvdhout reacted to paul2009 in Shopify or....   
    It's a great question @rvdhout. Personally I think Shopify is a great option, even for small stores, but only if the client needs a feature that isn't available on Squarespace Commerce. There are still a number of limitations to Squarespace Commerce. Some areas are improving¬†ūüôŹ¬†but other features are yet to arrive.
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    rvdhout got a reaction from paul2009 in Shopify or....   

    I am pitching to a client who will sell apr. 10 SKU's and they are pushing Shopify over any other platform. 

    I do like the marketing tools offered in the Shopify App Store, online marketing campaigns and integration with e.g. Google and Facebook to get more eyeballs on the product, better (?) shipping integration... etc...

    But they will only have 10 SKUs... not 1,000 so I am torn.

    Any advise?

    Have a great day! 

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