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  1. They want to add a quote in the white space to the right of their picture, which I have tried. The problem is that in the mobile version, it narrows everything to just the head shot (no extra white to the right), so the text moves on top of their faces. I don't have it on the website right now because I don't have the solution yet. I would like to be able to have the text move to a different spot (the bottom of the banner image possibly?) and switch to white (or a color that shows up) in the mobile version.
  2. I have a large banner image on the home page of a client with their photo. I'm trying to add some text over the image in a way that it is readable/clear in all types of devices (responsive). I would like it on the white right hand side when on a computer/tablet, but just below the photo on mobile devices. I've tried different variations and can't figure out anything that looks good. The website is https://www.idahopropertypursuit.com/.
  3. Thank you @tuanphan! That worked great. I ended up using RGBA with opacity set to 0.5 in order to see through it a little.
  4. I searched and cannot find anything on this subject. On this page, I would like for the lightbox to be light colored when someone clicks on an image, so the initial png graphic stands out better. I'm using the Miller template. Thank you!
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