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  1. I have a large banner image on the home page of a client with their photo. I'm trying to add some text over the image in a way that it is readable/clear in all types of devices (responsive). I would like it on the white right hand side when on a computer/tablet, but just below the photo on mobile devices. I've tried different variations and can't figure out anything that looks good. The website is https://www.idahopropertypursuit.com/.
  2. Thank you @tuanphan! That worked great. I ended up using RGBA with opacity set to 0.5 in order to see through it a little.
  3. I searched and cannot find anything on this subject. On this page, I would like for the lightbox to be light colored when someone clicks on an image, so the initial png graphic stands out better. I'm using the Miller template. Thank you!
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