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  1. Site URL: https://www.afikomen.com/ Hi - I'm hoping someone is familiar with this problem and has a solution. We switched templates to 7.1, and have nearly 100 gift cards outstanding in the old template. We realized today that Squarespace will not honor these gift cards, even though this is the same account and the same website. Customer Care's response was that we should cancel all gift cards, create individual discount codes for each unique customer in the amount of their gift card, and email each customer individually to explain what happened and provide the new code. That is ridiculous. Squarespace is not honoring the gift cards codes that they issued, perhaps due to their own systems limitation with 7.1 that hasn't been addressed yet, and then we're expected to do all that work as a workaround. Without any advance warning or assistance. If anyone has some advice on the best way to handle this, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.
  2. Hi, Actually it's working perfectly for products that have a quantity, but the gift card value button has overlapping text now. Do you have any idea what's happening? Thanks!
  3. Hi @tuanphan. I have the same question. I can change the background color to white, and the button color, but the white paragraph and value text needs to be changed to black, and the black button text needs to be changed to white (button will be maroon). The site is https://afikomen-judaica.squarespace.com/shop, PW is Judaica. I appreciate your help!!
  4. Site URL: https://cxlife.org/ I have two buttons linked in secondary navigation, one for Login and one for Join. I would like them to be different colors...Login should be dark blue, and Join should remain as orange. The template is Brine (Stella). Does anyone have a suggestion for the code? Thank you!
  5. @MagneM I have the same request for Brine. We have forced the hamburger for desktop display using mobile breakpoint but don't want the menu to overlay the entire desktop screen. Do you have any suggestions for code to reduce the overlay on desktop to ~50%? I appreciate your help!
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