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  1. Thanks, @bangank36. That makes sense. As this is new to me, do you have an example of how the code would look for Squarespace? I'm unsure what terminology to use. For example, this is what I would do on Shopify: font-family:var(--typeHeaderPrimary),var(--typeHeaderFallback);
  2. Site URL: https://ukulele-rabbit-z4zx.squarespace.com/ Hello! I'm creating a Squarespace template to sell. As the summary blocks aren't possible to change the title to the heading font without code, is it possible to make it so that it just makes the font family whatever the headings are currently set to? i.e. .summary-title-link { font-family: ??inherit??; } This is because whoever buys the theme will likely change the font to their own branding, and I don't want to have to get everyone to touch the code in order to change this. Thanks! Site password: pearler
  3. Site URL: https://ukulele-rabbit-z4zx.squarespace.com/ I see lots about making the hamburger icons thicker, but not the plus sign. Any ideas here? Thanks! Site password is 'pearler' Thanks!
  4. @tuanphan it's a trial for now, but it'll be business. The site has Javascript on it
  5. This doesn't seem to be working for me on 7.1 Here's my code <style type="text/css"> .summary-title { cursor: url(https://media2.giphy.com/media/U7h910z9HZAkO4f6Uh/giphy.gif), auto !important; } </style> thegingedit.squarespace.com Pass: "pearler"
  6. Site URL: https://thegingedit.squarespace.com/ Wondering why the 'read more' links appear different on blog previews compared to blog summary blocks on 7.1? On the summary block, it appears as: On the blog, it appears as I really don't mind which one stays, but I want to make them the same - so either remove the arrow and add the same underline on the summary block, OR remove the underline and add an arrow on the blog pages. Pass for the website is "pearler" Thanks!
  7. Site URL: https://www.thesehoneydays.com/ I have a simple text logo and for some reason, only on Safari, it's appearing cut off. Wondering how to fix this? Thank you.
  8. Ah sure, sorry. Try this: https://thegingedit.squarespace.com/read/template
  9. Site URL: https://thegingedit.squarespace.com I'd like to know if it's possible to change the colour or the image of the Squarespace comment buttons? https://share.getcloudapp.com/qGuNkL65 .squarespace-comment-buttons Pass is "pearler"
  10. Thanks! The result isn't centred, however. Do you know how to help center it?
  11. Site URL: https://chiton-coral-83de.squarespace.com/ I'm wondering how to change the spacing on either side of the navigation links so it's wider? At the moment, the area for navigation links seems very narrow. You can see in this GIF that when I make the screen wider, it becomes slightly wider, then narrow again. Happy to use code if need be. GIF: https://share.getcloudapp.com/6quewQmG https://chiton-coral-83de.squarespace.com/ Pass: pearler Thanks!
  12. Sure, it's chiton-coral-83de.squarespace.com and the password is "pearler". Thank you!
  13. Hello! This didn't work for me on Squarespace 7.1. Any ideas? Thank you!
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