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  1. Hello I am Mark Hutton and I own Hutton Creative Design, a branding, design, and digital media company and I am based in the lovely countryside of Kilmacolm, Scotland. I help companies with their marketing collateral by designing eye-catching, high-quality work on time and within budget with attention to detail in everything I do. I work with small to large organisations and also collaborate with other creative professionals to bring your brand to life. I am an award-winning graphic designer with over 25 years experience who has worked with various Design and Advertising agencies in Glasgow. I have worked with International clients to local entrepreneurs and have won a couple of awards along the way. I am passionate about design and love nothing better than being challenged to come up with new and exciting ideas. I work with my clients closely to achieve that personal touch. You will deal directly with me so that together we achieve compelling designs.
  2. Does anyone have any code to change the font size and spacing in mobile navigation menu in 7.1? Thanks
  3. Do you know how to change the size of the font and spacing of my mobile menu in 7.1?

    1. tuanphan



      You can post your question on forum (and tag me), or send to my email https://beaverhero.com/covid19/

      I will check at the end of day 

    2. jjjuliejj


      Hello Tuanphan -- Have you posted the CSS to change the spacing of menu items on mobile in 7.1?  I cannot find it and would like to use it.  Thank you!

  4. Hi Just curious to see how everyone is showing their stats to their clients, do you use any other software packages to show off the analytics from the site that you are building for your clients. I can see all of the stats on the analytics tool via Squarespace, but how can I show that in an easy to follow format for my clients so that they understand. I almost need some way of showing it in an easy to understand way?
  5. Any idea how I remove the bottom footer with the flatiron template. I realise that you can change the colour of both the header and footer together, but I juts want to remove the footer since my header is in white and when I do that, the footer looks like it blocks out text when it is in white. any ideas?



    1. tuanphan


      @huttoncreative Hi. You can use custom CSS. but I need site url to check.

      You can send your site url to my email via this form.


    2. huttoncreative


      Thanks, just sent you a quick question , I'm sure its an easy one.

  6. Hi, here is the link to the page that shows you the alignment in the centre. I would like too make all of these gallery pages range to the left. https://huttoncreativedesign.co.uk/chatterbox-champions Thanks
  7. This may be simple coding for some but does anyone know how to align the text to the left in gallery pages with the Jasper template. The default is centre alignment but I would like to align it to the left, which is not possible without extra coding? Thanks Mark
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