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  1. Thanks guys. If that's the case, it sure would be great if support would just say so. The change isn't what I find frustrating, but the usual canned responses from SS support.
  2. I just ran up against this and had a very frustrating chat with "support" regarding the issue. This has worked since the beginning of time. I have multiple clients using icons on buttons to indicate downloads, external links, etc. It does seem strange to remove the easy-to-use and popular functionality. It might be that engineering doesn't even know they inadvertently did this -- the support guy said they are not allowed to report it to the engineering team.
  3. Hi @wonderwoman. Just change the built-in domain to something other than southgippslanddairy.squarespace.com. Then it will eventually fall out of the index. You'll also want to verify that you aren't unintentionally linking to the built-in domain anywhere.
  4. Hi there. When the image issue was first noted, there was another issue in that sitemaps also were not automatically updating as expected. When/if that happens, just reach out to SS customer support and ask them to regenerate your sitemap.
  5. @nicc707 Scan your sitemap to look for the text. Update impacted images by changing the image block from inline to something else, remove the demo text, then back to inline. Let me know if you need more info.
  6. Hi there. Sitemaps currently aren't working as expected. You can ask Support to regen. More info on sitemap issues.
  7. For clarification, this is happening because SS's recently added "demo text" on image blocks isn't visible when adding a standard inline image block. Edited to add: if a client wants to handle it before SS fixes it (assuming they will), just scan sitemap to find affected image/s, remove the demo text from the image block/s, and ask SS for a regen.
  8. Hi all. I just reported an error to SS with sitemaps. It wasn't clear how they will handle regenerations after the fix, so I'm letting everyone know in case you're impacted. It looks like the issue started around mid-May 2021. New images have been added as <image:title>Image Name - Make it stand out</image:title> and if no caption was specified <image:caption>Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.</image:caption>. This is on 7.0 and 7.1 sites. After the fix, I hope they automatically regenerate a sitemap for all impacted sites. But if not, and you (or clients) don't update often, then you'd need to keep an eye out for the fix and request a regen. If you update frequently, then it is a nonissue. Good luck!
  9. What prompted you to build your new site on Webflow versus Squarespace? And what differences in search performance have you seen as compared to your older site?
  10. Hi all. I know there are some Circle members who are small business owners and not designers. If your small business has been negatively impacted by COVID I’m offering free help with Squarespace SEO. I opened up some time this next week on my calendar for one-hour consultations. And now through May, our SEO newsletter is free. Learn more here: https://www.collaborada.com/covid19-response Stay safe, Christine @ Collaborada
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