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    I have a situation in commerce that I can't quite figure out.   We are selling cloth masks that are mostly finished with the only remaining step be to add cloth ties or elastic straps.   Is there a way to list a product and then have an option to add something at the end for an additional cost without listing multiple variants for the same thing?  

    What we do right now is say that an item has an inventory of 10.  We list it with 2 variants - with tie and with elastic with an inventory of 5 each.   But we really have 10 that are neither and we add whichever option they pick at the end.   But having to split it up as 2 variants causes issues with inventory for example when someone buys 5 with elastic and thinks there are no more left because it only shows 5 with ties.

    Is there a way to list an item and then have options?  Like with Amazon where you can add gift wrapping for $5 or something.   They don't have the same item that is unwrapped and the same item that is wrapped.  They just add the wrapping as an option to the items that they have.   Or Apple where you can pay extra for engraving. 


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