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  1. Okay, I think I solved the issue on my site. I did some troubleshooting on my own and it seems to have fixed the issue! I went into my Code Injection and removed old plugin code that wasn't working or doing anything anymore. I also went into the files and deleted the js and css files associated with the plugins I then found this code in my CSS site file that showed up out of nowhere?! #header {display: none} Got rid of that! Now, all seems to be working fine.
  2. This issue is still happening anytime I go in and edit the site in question. It ONLY happens when I go into the Website menu and "Edit" a page and save.
  3. Adding myself here. One of my websites (built-in 2020, not sure what version that is?) continues to have the Navigation Menu moved to Hidden and folders splattered around and disorganized. "Links" in the Navigation, visible or hidden, disappear. I've fixed it 3 times today and once yesterday when I first noticed the issue. I've been in a email with support and they suggested I keep my eye on this thread here. Also posting my saga on X so it's documented somewhere in public. @catebligh
  4. I would try this CSS and play around with the number: .ProductItem .ProductItem-details h1.ProductItem-details-title {font-size: 1.5em;}
  5. Looks like a customized Elfsight widget to me, feel free to use my affiliate link here (or not.) Good luck!
  6. Here is a workaround in CSS. On desktop, it will show 4 images. On mobile it will show 3 images. When you select the variants, you will see the variant image. .ProductItem-gallery-thumbnails { height: 90px; max-width: 360px; overflow: hidden; }
  7. Use the watch page URL instead of the Shorts URL EXAMPLE, SAME VIDEO Short URL: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/3xReIHV13IQ Watch Page URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xReIHV13IQ
  8. You could do this with Scheduling, absolutely! Create appointment types for each time range. Set the duration for 240 minutes (4 hours, based on your examples) Go into the Availabilty and adjust the settings. Set up the time ranges for each appointment type to limit it during the day. You can also edit the "Appointments Per Time Slot" setting to limit how many people can book during each time slot. So if you could deliver to 4 addresses in your delivery range during that time, set it at 4, or adjust as needed.
  9. I use the SquareSpace Members Area with CommunityBox. So people pay for the membership and then create their own directory listing behind the paywall. It's a nightmare... but slightly less nightmarish than having to create all the entries manually every time using the blog pages. Pain points of this method: • Directory members have to create a SECOND login to create/edit their own listings, so they are ALL CONFUSED by this since they just created a login when signing up for the Membership. • CommunityBox is buggy, but reliably buggy, so I can create FAQ answers to these questions that always come up. • CommunityBox search sux. If a person searches for the next town over, the listing will not come up. They have a Map tool, which is great, but I wish the search function was better for users to find listings "near me".
  10. This is a fantastic post, thanks for sharing. And with Shopify offering easy ways to sell products on TikTok, Twitter, and now YouTube!!! Such a game-changer. I really cannot justify the cost of SquareSpace much anymore unless it's for a blog-centric or membership website. I think I just use the Squarespace website builder as a scratch-pad now, to work out my ideas and move on somewhere else.
  11. I just did a test on this. Disconnecting my email and reconnecting my email address on the form worked to fix the issue.
  12. I would love to know if the original poster @Melonmade found a solution to this issue? Same problem here, and I think it is related to Google Workspace. I am not getting emails or notifications of my forms being filled out. It's a nightmare and I have no clue how to resolve it (since the data isn't being updated in the spreadsheet connected either!!) The entered info in these forms is lost in the wind, not good since I do have backups in place. I'm going to connect to Zapier as a workaround for the moment. Not sure what else to do.
  13. I would add an "Additional Fields" section with a custom form on the Checkout page with instructions for how to schedule a time to pickup their order (maybe with a checkbox they are required to check to say they read it) and add the scheduling link and info to the Order Confirmation email. But I do love your idea and think it would be a great feature for Squarespace to add.
  14. I would suggest creating different "Membership" Areas in Squarespace for all the different class subscriptions you want to offer. Then, put the appropriate scheduling embeds behind that paywall (with the classes free in Scheduling, since they're paying monthly for the membership access.) With limiting how far in advance they can schedule to 30 days will probably help with people signing up and then canceling their memberships but still attending the course, because you would have to monitor that and remove people for the classes manually. This is the only work-around I can think of! Good luck to you 🙂
  15. Go into "Availability" Find the Group that the appointment is in and click "Edit Availability/Limits" You want to look here. Also, click the tab "Client Scheduling Limits" as there may be restrictions there as well.
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