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  1. This was done through developer mode, instead of replacing two social buttons like I suggested, you can add them yourself in the template's html. http://developers.squarespace.com/using-git/ If you look through these steps you will find instructions on how to access git and change the template html thus adding new items to the social buttons list which then you script background-image using the one above in the custom css. Although its not perfect as it was adjusted for 16x9 or 16x10 screens, when you zoom in and out it starts looking a bit funny plus didn't manage to add them to the mobile na
  2. I am trying to add 2 social buttons which I have created similar to the ones available but using social networks which are not listed in the Connected Accounts in the Squarespace Panel. How could this be done, maybe using Code Injection or Custom CSS? Perhaps it could be done by using 2 random connected accounts and replacing them with the custom ones. Any ideas? http://wesilvergirls.squarespace.com/ These Custom Social buttons are only the last two (Lookbook and Bloglovin’): This what I am hoping to achieve:
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