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  1. Hi there, I have a similar issue, but have not been able to apply this solution to my pages. There are too many block IDs, I don't know which one to specify in the code. On each of these two pages in mobile view (https://www.braveryonfire.com/watch) and (https://www.braveryonfire.com/donate), I would like the image that currently displays on top of the lower block to load below it - so on the "watch" page the "save the date" image displays on top of the ribbon image, and on the "donate" page the "donate" embed block displays on top of the ribbon image. (The site is built using 7.1.) Thanks in advance for any assistance! Meredith Tarr
  2. I am having this exact same issue. How to keep the logo centered once it's enlarged? (Site: www.braveryonfire.com - I need the header logo to be the width of the screen- or as close to the screen width as possible - and centered.) Thank you!
  3. ... but it didn't work. Is it because the section-id is site-specific? How do I find our unique section-id for our header logo? Thank you!! Meredith Tarr
  4. Thanks ... I don't do Skype. I found a workaround (instead of using the Image Card layout, just a plain Image with a Text block next to it) so it looks the way I want it to now. Seems like a glitch in the way Squarespace has that coded though ...! I very much appreciate the help and prompt response.
  5. I haven't added that code into Custom CSS, are you saying it's already in the style for the site and I need to remove it? I don't know how to do that - 7.1 doesn't have Developer mode, does it? Thank you!
  6. I spoke too soon - the bold links in the top paragraph were only showing up as the correct color when I previewed the page in the editor. The live site wasn't showing those bold links, either. So I've had to unbold them all - they're the ones in pink here, "Rachael Sage", "Foundation For Women's Cancer", "Watch", and "Donate". I would like all those linked words to be bolded. (Also if you have any insight into why this isn't working within the section theme color settings, I'm curious - is it a bug?) Thank you!!
  7. Thank you! That (mostly) worked. For some reason it works on the bolded links in the top paragraph of the image card text, but not in the bolded links in the 2nd paragraph - even though they are the same paragraph type (P1) and in the same block. The links are only the color I specify in the 2nd paragraph if I unbold them. Very strange.
  8. Site URL: https://www.braveryonfire.com/ Hi there, I have set the inline link color in image card blocks to be one color, but the actual link color is something different. The image card is within the "white minimal" section theme, which has the correct image card inline link color designated in Settings, and I don't have any custom CSS dealing with links (or colors at all, for that matter), so I'm stumped as to why the link color in the image card block is wrong. I'm referring to the text to the right of the logo image on the main page at https://www.braveryonfire.com/, which is within an Image Card block. The links ("Foundation For Women's Cancer", "Watch", and "Donate") are supposed to be the same pink shade as in the regular text blocks (also White Minimal) on the rest of the page, but they are the same color as the unlinked text, with a slightly different hue upon hover that I have never designated for any section on the site. Would appreciate any insight, and/or custom code I need to plug in to get the links in the Image Card block to be what I'm trying to specify within Settings. Thank you!! Meredith Tarr
  9. Site URL: https://www.mpressrecords.com/bravery-on-fire-benefit I am trying to create a single page off my site that needs to be standalone from our site's regular branding, and not have the site header and footer displayed. I have tried all the code block suggestions given to everyone else who has asked this question, but nothing has worked. (I do have Developer Mode turned on, not sure if that's the problem?) Thanks in advance for any insight!
  10. Site URL: https://www.mpressrecords.com/rachaelsageepk I have a SoundCloud block embedded in my page, and it works fine on computer browsers, but on mobile the "Listen In Browser" option doesn't do anything at all. It will open the SoundCloud app (if available) and play there fine, but if someone wants to listen via their mobile browser, nothing happens. I have gotten feedback that this is the case on iOS (Safari) as well as Android (Chrome). I would hate to have to embed 14 separate clunky Audio blocks on the page when a streamlined SoundCloud block would look much better... but I may have to since most people are visiting this page via mobile. Thanks for any insight!
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