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  1. Sorry, maybe my message wasn't clear. What I'm hoping for is for each page to have it's description under the title in the Index. So in my example, under Dear Toyota it would have the description for that page, etc. Thanks though!
  2. Site URL: https://thom-fountain-2l7f.squarespace.com/work Hello! I'm trying to add the Page Description under the Page Title in an Index on the York template. Ideally, it would sit under the Page Title. I could also switch over to the Jasper Template if someone knows how to do it there (but I believe the templates are similar). Thanks!
  3. @bangank36 Thanks for helping, but wondering if you have any thoughts on the above?
  4. Ah, almost. Except I want it to disappear unless I'm hovering on the page link, not the image. Here it still creates an overlay when I mouse over the image space (see image). Anyway to fix that? Thank you!
  5. Site URL: http://www.thom-fountain.com Hello, when you scroll to the bottom of a page, I want it to function like the home page—where only the Description shows until you hover over the projects. I think I just need to have the image 'display:none;' except for on hover, but can't figure out the right code. Any suggestions? http://www.thom-fountain.com http://www.thom-fountain.com/toyota
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