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  1. @bangank36 Thank you!! I think I have now sorted it all. Would this be the same problem on the Services page? I would like the images to stack reading left to right on mobile view, currently they read downwards?
  2. @bangank36 ahh yes that is a clever idea. You mean to have two videos on the same page, one underneath for mobile and one to the side for desktop and then use code to hide the mobile one on desktop and vice versa for mobile?
  3. @bangank36 thank you, I didn't realise this was not possible with SQS. I will have to reformat - unless you can make a suggestion for me to keep it the same but to only make it workable as is?
  4. @bangank36 but is there not a way to reorder via individual block number css?
  5. @bangank36 Hi there, I am having the same issue on my site https://buffalo-helicon-g5ws.squarespace.com/ p/word: sandrabm On the second section with the green background I would like the Lorem Ipsum text and the 'A Place Where →' text to be above the video of the red dog 'free kisses' so it mirrors the layout on the first blue page. Then the same on the red page below. The white dog video before the contact form but after the 'we'd love to hear from you for sure'. I have tried every combination of css but nothing seems to be working. If you can help I would be very grateful! Sandra
  6. I had the same issue with my site. It turned out the problem was disabling the footer which caused the the white bar. You can either enable the footer and colour the background black, or use this code to hide the footer completely (I use a Brine template, this YouTube video was helpful: '.Footer {display: none!important;}' .Footer {display: none!important;}
  7. Site URL: https://shop.chenebleu.com/ Hi, I wonder if anyone has a solution to this problem. The site is a subdomain of www.chenebleu.com, if in error someone puts www.shop.chenebleu.com into their address bar (one customer said to the client that his browser had hidden www and automatically added it!) you get a dead page. Is it possible to add a redirect on www.shop.chenebleu.com to the DNS so if anyone types that in address in error they will be directed to shop.chenebleu.com? My limited experience says it is not possible as www CNAME is used for the www.chenebleu.com main domain and shop CNAME for the subdomain. There isn't a way to point "www.shop". However I am no expert! many thanks, Sandra
  8. I have sorted this issue. If anyone else needs help I was missing this: In the code header: <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.4.1/jquery.min.js"></script> In the Order Confirmation box: <div class="email-text"> <p> your text </p> </div> <script> $('.email-text').insertAfter('#confirmed-page'); </script>
  9. @tuanphan I have placed a 'fake' order and this is the link to the page - if you scroll down you will now see the text is in the footer whereas it used to be directly under the order confirmation: https://www.shop.chenebleu.com/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=5f3bceaf5138b447c91ae57b&authCode=NWYzYmNlYWY1MTM4YjQ0N2M5MWFlNTdiOjIwMjAtMDgtMThUMTI6NTA6NTMuNzcxWkdCOuLbh0t4yNROnQPzTvo5P_tWEY3ntMhBm1wksSEz Attached is a screengrab of the code.
  10. @tuanphan thank you for your reply. There is no direct link that I am aware of to an order confirmation page, it only appears after you have ordered something and is specific to that customer ordering?
  11. Hi @paul2009 Thanks for your reply. I will forward your comments about the policy and age verification (which is seen at checkout) on to the ecommerce manager to consider. In regards to the shipping problem we're having, I'm afraid your explanation does not solve the problem. To answer your questions, the winery can ship within France only (so only 1 shipping rate for wines), they use a special wine-specific courrier who has provided shipping rates by quantity of bottles (which can be easily converted to use the weight system that SquareSpace uses), however the problem is that they also sell merchandise (tshirts, books, wine accessories, etc.) and gift packaging (gift bags, wooden wine crates, etc.). These items cannot be shipped by the same courrier and, of course, have highly varying weights. So the problem here is that a customer may purchase a bottle of wine and a gift bag to go with it plus a case of 6 wines and a book. Let's say for example that this all weighs 15lb together, which is also the weight of 15 individual bottles of wine. When SquareSpace adds up the total weight of all these items, the shipping amount that is shown is the cost for 15 bottles of wine, which is much more expensive than what is actually in the cart. Likewise, if someone orders 5 books and no wine, the weight would also equal 15lb but the shipping cost is completely different. The ultimate problem is that SquareSpace does not allow for shipping costs to be attributed to individual products, but instead it adds up the corresponding weights and goes and finds the total cost for that weight. And it would be impossible to account for every single possible combination of products that one might try to purchase. Do you have any thoughts?
  12. @paul2009 hi Paul, I am desperately trying to get an answer to this. We have quite a, few products of all different weights. Literally is the only way to solve this issue by allocating a weight to every single combination a customer might buy of our products?? Because working all that out is an almost impossible job, as there could be so many different combinations. This surely cannot be the answer? Very grateful if you can clarify as we are struggling and thought we were ready to launch! Thank you.
  13. And us too! It is making the whole ecommerce facility unworkable!
  14. Site URL: http://shop.chenebleu.com/ Password: SandraCB URGENTLY need help or an answer to this please. @paul2009 you seem to have extensive knowledge on ecommerce. As you will see we are selling wine and gift products. The major issue we are having is with how shipping costs are calculated. If the customer buys a bottle of wine and one or two gift items SQS adds the weight of all the items together and uses that as the cost. The only way we can see to combat this is to work out every single combination a customer could potentially buy and allocate a specific rate to that weight, but, this is impossible. A customer can order up to 97 bottles of wine so the combinations would be endless. Can anyone help?! This makes the whole ecommerce unworkable. Thanking you so much in advance! Sandra
  15. Site URL: https://www.shop.chenebleu.com/ Hi Folks, The site above p/word: SandraCB had this code in the 'order confirmation' code injection box: <div class="email-text"> <p>An Si ce mail n'arrive pas dans votre boîte mail, veuillez vérifier votre dossier spam ou indésirable ou ajouter 'no-reply@squarespace.com' à la liste des adresses autorisées. En savoir plus sur nos méthodes de production et nos efforts de développement durable en ligne à <a href="https://www.chenebleu.com/"><b>www.chenebleu.com.</b></a> <br> <br> Your order has been successfully placed, and an email confirmation has been sent to your email address. If you don't receive this email shortly in your inbox, please check your spam or junk mail folders or add 'no-reply@squarespace.com' to your safe sender list. Learn more about our wine production and sustainability efforts online at <a href="https://www.chenebleu.com/"><b>www.chenebleu.com.</b></a></p> </div> This code worked absolutely fine until today, when it now appears at the bottom of the site footer rather than under the standard order confirmation page text. Any ideas what could have happened? Many thanks, Sandra
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