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  1. Thank you all for your super speedy replies! It's good to know if was still working for others if not for me/BT users. @paul2009 Bizarrely this was the issue! Both me and my client use BT as our provider in the UK. As soon as I replaced "assets" with "plugins" in the header code injection the filters all appeared again. Very strange, but so relieved this is working now. Thank you so much! I also sent a to Squarespace as well requesting the product filters as a feature for commerce websites. Have been asking for this for years, but hopefully one day we'll get them.
  2. Is anyone using the Universal Filter Plugin from Square Websites finding their code no longer works since the last Squarespace update, and the product filters have completely vanished and been replaced with Squarespaces clunky product categories? I've tried removing and re-adding the code again but nothing is showing/working. This is occurring on both 7.0 and 7.1 websites. Websites it has stopped working on: https://www.giveadamngift.com/shop/ https://manorbarnorganics.com/shop It's so disappointing that we've been screaming out for filters (price asc/des, newest, search bars etc) for commerce pages for years, and even paying for plugins like this, only for Squarespace to break them and still refuse to bring in these features. Any help or feedback would be gratefully received. My clients are rightfully not happy (and right in the at the beginning of the Christmas sales period), so if anyone can suggest alternatives that still work too that would be amazing.
  3. Thanks so much Tuanphan! 🙂 That's a much better size, but is there a way to move it so it sits alongside the shopping back in the top right?
  4. Another question the topic of this website too if anyone can help - in the mobile version of the nav bad/menu the user icon appears giant at the bottom of the menu, is it possible to move this up alongside the shopping cart/bag icon like in previous versions of Squarespace?
  5. Amazing, thank you so much Dave! It was driving me bonkers trying to find where it was, but if it was a font that will be why. Managed to get it sorted now, thanks again for your help 🙂
  6. Hi Ziggy, thanks for responding to this so quickly. Is there a way of locating where this piece of CSS is? Have searched all custom fields and the only thing I can find is: i.fa.fa-shopping-bag { font-size: 22px; } but when I delete this the black bag icon remains but shrinks in size. I can't locate the content: "content:f290"; part anywhere..
  7. Hi Ziggy, URL is https://www.giveadamngift.com/ thanks 🙂 There is currently the old shopping bag in the nav bar while I figure out how I can remove it before activating the new one.
  8. I'm currently having an issue with my client's nav bar. Years ago when I set up their website, I must have added some custom css to display a shopping bag instead of a shopping cart in the top right of the nav bar. Now that there are multiple shopping cart/bag icons available to choose from on Squarespace I want to use a different default one from Squarespace. However when I select this and delete all the custom CSS from the custom CSS field, the old black bag icon still remains, so there are two bag icons. I've searched the Custom CSS fields, custom files folder, code injection fields, and page header code injection fields and cannot find where this icon is coming from. Any help would be great appreciated, thank you in advance.
  9. Ah I see, sorry about that. The code Tuanphan gave above for the mobile icon undid the other code. I have removed this for now and the icons display properly. However I still need the login icon to appear in the mobile nav bar as in my earlier post. Can anyone please help?
  10. Hi @IXStudio, the user account icon is currently in the top left next to shopping bag/cart icon on desktop, and at the bottom of the nav bar menu in mobile. Please see website here and above screenshots for reference. Many thanks.
  11. Hi @tuanphan thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I've inserted the new image following your helpful instructions, thanks 🙂 I'm having some trouble with the code for adding the customer account login icon into the mobile navigation bar. It's placing the account login icon in the mobile menu and not in the navigation bar. Please see the images attached of where this currently is and where I want it to go (essentially where Squarespace 7.0 used to place the icons in the mobile nav). Please can you help?
  12. Hi @tuanphan, yes that's correct 🙂 I want the icon to appear in both desktop and mobile and in the colour blue #4c7bb2 please
  13. Site URL: https://www.giveadamngift.com/home Hi, another Squarespace user here frustrated at not being able to customise the customer nav bar icon in 7.1 like we could for 7.0! I found info in this previous post here about changing the 'login' text in the nav bar to an svg icon, and added the code below. I'm currently trying to change the colour of this from white to #4c7bb2 and make it so the customer icon also appears in mobile view. Can anyone please help? /* Login text to icon */ .user-accounts-text-link span { color: transparent; } .user-accounts-text-link { background-image: url(); background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: right; filter: invert(1); }
  14. Hi Tuanphan, no sorry, I only want to hide one thumbnail on the summary block so the rest will still show. E.g. in this image here I want the first thumbnail to be hidden but not the rest.
  15. Amazing, thank you so much Tuanphan! Is there anything I can add so that the thumbnail doesn't show on the summary block on the homepage too? https://www.manorbarnorganics.com/
  16. Thanks for sharing this Tuanphan, really helpful 🙂 I'm looking to do the same for a blog post. Is it possible to hide a thumbnail on the blog, but still have it accessible from a URL to the post?
  17. I could, but then it will only be available to everyone. I want it to be a blog post only visible to a mailing list it's being shared early with (so an active link, but with hidden thumbnail), and will then the following day unhide it/make it public the following day.
  18. Site URL: https://www.manorbarnorganics.com/ I found this thread for hiding product thumbnails which was super useful, I'm wondering if the same can be done for blog posts too? The code I used for hiding products was the below, is there a variation I can use for blog posts? For context this is exclusive news (with the product links) which is being shared early with a newsletter list which I then will make public the following day, so would rather this be a blog post than a separate web page. Thanks in advance 🙂
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