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  1. hi @tuanphan, I'm having a similar issue, the images in my portfolio section of my website are only showing in 1 column but I want there to be 2, I've added a photo to show you what it currently looks like website: bethsquire.com password: Password8
  2. Site URL: http://bethsquire.com Hi there, I have the Lange template and the only footer it will allow me to add is the squarespace one and I just want to add my own one with links to my social media etc
  3. Just viewed my new site on my phone and it's 1 column.How do I add 2 columns to my portfolio mobile page?? bethsquire.com Password8
  4. I'm struggling to get rid of the side margins on my website, it has it on all my images and text and would really like them pretty much full screen and is it possible to make a certain image full screen width?
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