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  1. thank you @tuanphan is there any way to make a super small section here?
  2. @tuanphan thank you as always for your wisdom & help! I am also trying to have the log-in hidden on the header but available elsewhere on an individual page like @Thedripfitnesshoboken asked. my website is www.consciouscityguide.com and I am currently hiding the login on the header. thank you
  3. thank you @tuanphan you are always wonderfully helpful! I tried this solution, but there was no change: [data-section-id="#block-607ae0ffbbe78470128537c4"] { max-height: 40px !important; } https://consciouscityguide.com/conscious-city-guide-home with gratitude!
  4. Site URL: https://consciouscity.guide Since 7.1's blog only shows 20 posts max, is there a way to have a "Show More" button so the older posts are accessible from the blog page? Thanks for any help site is consciouscity.guide password: love
  5. Thank you @tuanphan! I was hoping to still have a login, but not on the header Is there a way to show it as a link?
  6. It didn't for 7.1, but tweaking it to this worked: .sqs-announcement-bar { p { @media(max-width:799px){ font-size: 14px !important;} } } thank you!
  7. thank you @tuanphan! I hid the log-in using the code you offered but deleted that code now. Thanks for any help!
  8. @tuanphan - Thank you! it is https://www.consciouscity.guide/ password: love
  9. this is so great @tuanphan ! Is there a way to have that user-accounts-link elsewhere while hiding it from the header? I'd love to have it as a button on a single page Thank you so much!
  10. this plug in will do it automatically, which causes it's own set of complications if you want more control (which I do) by manually adding a summary ...still hoping the community will have a solution
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